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Changes in the 8th Edition

Em Griffin describes changes in the eighth edition. Also see additional changes made in the ninth edition.

New Chapters

  • Chapter 13 - Communication Privacy Management of Sandra Petronio
  • Chapter 19—Symbolic Convergence Theory of Ernest Bormann
    In previous editions, this theory was covered as part of Chapter 3, "Weighing the Words." In the eighth eighth edition, it is given full chapter coverage.
  • Chapter 28 - Uses and Gratifications of Elihu Katz

Because of the insertion of these chapters, be aware that many chapter numbers have changed between the seventh and eighth editions.

Summary of other Changes to the Text

  • I’ve made major overhauls to eight chapters and added new sections to twelve
  • I’ve altered existing figures or introduced new ones in nine chapters and added new examples in ten. 
  • There are a dozen new cartoons.
  • All but five theory chapters now include a student-written application log to show how the theory illustrates or can be used in the author’s life.
  • Because I’ve shortened the integration chapters, condensed all section introductions  to two pages, and placed Poole’s structuration theory and Noelle-Neumann’s spiral of silence in the Archives on this site, the 8th edition of the  book is exactly the same length as the previous one.  

Detailed description of other Changes

To help instructors who have taught with the 7th edition adjust their course, I’ve outlined the chapter-by-chapter changes in the 8th edition. The list can also help students who have opted to read the 7th edition to times when they need to check out chapters or sections that they’d otherwise miss.

These notes will be found in the "Changes" option in Theory Resources, which is now available to all users. Previously, this option was called "Principal Changes," and was available only to logged-in instructors and included only a brief summary of changes noted in the Instructors Manual.

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