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Changes in the 9th Edition

Em, Andrew, and Glenn describe changes in the 9th edition.

Major Changes

  • Andrew Ledbetter (Texas Christian University) and Glenn Sparks (Purdue University) join Em as authors of the book. Both scholars served as special consultants for the previous edition, and for the first time join as full co-authors in this edition.
  • In response to instructor feedback calling for additional attention to organizational communication, a new chapter addresses the Communicative Constitution of Organizations of Robert McPhee (Chapter 20). Because of the insertion of this chapter, be aware that many chapter numbers have changed between the 8th and 9th editions.
  • To make the text even more relevant to students, this edition features an extensive overhaul of examples throughout the book. Chapters now contain references to recent TV shows and films such as Lincoln, The Social Network, Battlestar Galactica, Mad Men, The Help, and The Colbert Report, as well as real-world examples like Bill Clinton’s 2012 Democratic National Convention speech and media coverage of the Affordable Health Care Act.

Summary of other Changes to the Text

  • We’ve made major overhauls to seven chapters and added new sections to six.
  • There are seven new cartoons.
  • A new section introduces the final chapter by discussing four options for responding to theorists in a different theoretical tradition.
  • Five chapters include new student-written application logs to show how the theory illustrates or can be used in the author’s life.
  • Two new “Conversations” videos feature Glenn discussing communication privacy management theory with Sandra Petronio and Andrew discussing communication accommodation theory with Howie Giles.
  • To make room for the new organizational communication chapter and other changes to the text, the chapter on Jesse Delia’s constructivism has been moved to the Archives on this site. Thus, the 9th edition of the book is exactly the same length as the previous edition.

Detailed description of other Changes

To help instructors who have taught with the 8th edition adjust their course, we’ve outlined the chapter-by-chapter changes in the 9th edition. The list can also help students who have opted to purchase the 8th edition identify sections that they otherwise might miss.

These notes will be found in the “Changes” option in Theory Resources, which is available to all users. Before the 8th edition, this option was called "Principal Changes," and was available only to logged-in instructors and included only a brief summary of changes noted in the Instructors Manual.

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