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Things you should know if you are using or thinking about adopting
A First Look at Communication Theory

At the request of numerous instructors, we've created Instructors-only features for the website that are not available to students. In past editions, there were intellectual benefits for students who wrestled with ideas in the Suggestions for Discussion section of Langan's Instructors Manual, just as some students making class presentations drew upon the Exercises and Activities material. But these advantages were outweighed by the inoculation effect that was evident when instructors faced students who already knew Langan's best ideas to empower the teacher. In edition 9, we also added some short-answer quiz questions and other features that are obviously for teachers only. We therefore ask you to validate your instructor status in order to receive a password for the Instructor's portion of the site.

Em Griffin, Andrew Ledbetter, Glenn Sparks

Registration Requirements and Process

  1. Fill out the registration form. You will be asked for the following information.
    • Your full name
    • Your e-mail address (used as your username)
    • Name of the school where you are an instructor
    • Your curriculum vitae as an attachment
    • If your e-mail address is not tied to your institution, you will also be asked for: 

    • Title of course
    • Department name
    • Phone number of department office
    • Indicate if you are a member of NCA and/or ICA

  2. You will receive an e-mail (usually within a day or two) with a password. You can change that password, if you wish, after your first login.

  3. To enter the site as an instructor, use, which will lead you to a login page. Enter your registered email address as your username and your password.

  4. For security reasons, logout when you're done using the site or leaving your computer (The logout link is at the right side of the header and in the footer). If you leave your computer while still logged in, someone else can access the instructor-only features. In addition, your session may time out and the site not work correctly, so you will have to login again.

To obtain an Examination or Desk Copy of the text you will need to contact your McGraw-Hill Learning Technology rep.

To access instructor features on the McGraw-Hill website, including the digital version of the full Instructors Manual, you will need a password, which only your rep can provide.

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Also see our McGraw-Hill page for information students need to obtain a copy of the text.

Instructors who are currently using A First Look at Communication Theory, as well as those considering its use, will be able to access additional resources on the site, including:

  • Suggestions for Discussion—ideas to help you interact with students.
  • Exercises and Activities—ideas to help stimulate interest and interaction.
  • PowerPoint®—presentations for each chapter
  • Short-Answer Quiz Questions—suggestions by chapter
  • Text Comparison—a chart showing which of nearly 200 theories are covered by A First Look and ten other leading communication theory textbooks.
  • News and Information—Upcoming conference sessions and other information of interest to instructors.

Need help preparing your syllabus?

Especially helpful may be two sections from the Instructors Manual, available as pdf documents: the Preface and Sample Course Schedules, plus sample syllabi from Em Griffin, Andrew Ledbetter, Glenn Sparks and Emily Langan.

The links will go to the document related to the selected edition.

Note on Sample Essay Questions

This site contains Self-Help Quizzes available to students and Short-Answer Quiz Questions for instructors, written by Andrew Ledbettter. The McGraw-Hill site has its own quizzes and test samples.

We have decided not to make the sample essay questions found in the Instructors Manual and on the McGraw-Hill website (for registered instructors) available on this site. If you need an Instructors Manual or access to their site, contact your McGraw-Hill rep.


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