About the Instructors Manual

Applies to current editions of the text

The website contains all of the content from the Instructors Manual except the Sample Exams, which are available in the digital version for registrered instructors on the McGraw-Hill website (see below).

Some of the material is available to all site visitors, the rest is restricted to registered instructors who are logged in. (See Instructor Information to register)

Most of the Instructors Manual content is distributed throughout the Theory Resources section. In View by Type, you can see and print all of one type of resource across all chapters (i.e., Chapter Outlines,Suggested Movie Clips, etc). In View by Theory, you can see and print material specific to each chapter.

Several resources on the website draw from, but also expand on, content from the Instructors Manual and are updated in between editions of the book (i.e., Links, sample Application Logs, and Suggested Movie Clips).

Two sections in the manual of particular interest for course preparation are available as pdf documents (linked to the edition you have selected): the Preface and the Sample Course Outlines. Both provide an overview of how to structure a course around the First Look text. (You can also get Em's own syllabus). The Sample Course Outlines unit also provides a list of "essential theories" for those who are unable to cover all of the theories in the text.

Looking for a copy of the complete Instructors Manual?

Unfortunately, there is no print version of the IM. Most of the features are here on the website. Some features are available to students and any other user of the site. However, discussion questions, class activities, short answer quizzes and other features not in the IM are only available in the "Instructor's Only" section. A digital version of the full IM, including multiple choice quizzes and essay exams, is available for registered instructors on the McGraw-Hill site, along with PowerPoint slides and other resources.

Contacting your McGraw-Hill rep
for Examination/Desk Copies of Text, access to digital IM

If you want access to the whole digital IM, or need an examination/desk copy of the text, you need to contact your McGraw-Hill rep. If you don't know how to contact your rep, go to the McGraw-Hill Higher Ed home page and then on the right side of the screen click on “Find my Sales Rep.” You can then follow the instructions to register and apply for a password. Your rep is the only source for a password to access instructor features on the McGraw-Hill site.

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