View Resources by Type (7th Edition)

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View Resources by Type

This section pulls together all of the available resources for the First Look text. Most come from the Instructors Manual, some from the text, and others have been created for the website.

There are two "views" of the data:. Switch between them using the option above the colored tabs. In View by Type (this view), all tabs are active. In View by Theory, some tabs may be dimmed, indicating the resource is not available for the selected theory.

In this view, all available content for the selected edition is shown, sorted by chapter.

Conversation Videos includes all fifteen videos that Em conducted with theory authors, including those no longer given full chapter treatment.

The Archive tab inlcudes theories no longer covered in full. A PDF document contains the chapter from the last edition in which it appeared.

A printer icon indicates that a printer-friendly version of the resource content is available. Be aware that some resources produce very long lists (Chapter Outline, for example, takes more than 60 pages to print). In this case, a "view" option is also available, which will open another window or browser tab to view only the content.

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