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Archived Chapters (9th Edition)

PDF files of chapters for theories no longer given full coverage, from the last edition in which the chapter appeared.
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(Edition number in parantheses) * indicates brief coverge in the 9th Edition

Action Assembly Theory of Greene (1 *)

Adaptive Structuration Theory of Poole (7)

Anxiety-Uncertainty Management Theory of Gudykunst (6)

Attribution Theory of Heider & Kelly (2 *)

Constructivism of Delia (8)

Different Voice of Gilligan (1 *)

Existential Theory of Rogers (1 *)

FIRO Theory of Schutz (1)

General Semantics of Korzybski (1)

Groupthink of Janis (3 *)

Hierarchy of Needs of Maslow (2)

Information Theory of Shannon & Weaver (3)

Information Systems Approach to Organizations of Weick (6)

Interpersonal Deception Theory of Buller & Burgoon (6)

Interact System Model of Decision Emergence of Fisher (2)

Meaning of Meaning of Richards (3 *)

The Media Equation of Reeves & Nass (5)

Mediational Theory of Meaning of Osgood (1)

Proxemic Theory of Hall (1 *)

Social Exchange Theory of Thibaut & Kelley (2 *)

Social Learning Theory-Social Cognition Theory of Bandura (2 *)

Spiral of Silence of Noelle-Neumann (7)