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Suggested Links (9th Edition)

Some of the suggested links come from references in the Instructors Manual, others have been added to the website
* indicates a link that has been reported as bad

Interpersonal Communication: Interpersonal Messages

Symbolic Interactionism (Chapter 5)

Theorist biography

Society for the Study of Symbolic Interactionism

ARTICLE: Mead on self and social control

VIDEO: Overview of symbolic interactionism

Coordinated Management of Meaning (CCM) (Chapter 6)

Theorist home page (Cronen)

Theorist obituary (Pearce)

CMM Institute home page

Pearce Associates consulting, training, and research home page

ARTICLE: Extending CMM

VIDEO: Interview with Cronen

VIDEO: In memory of Pearce

Expectancy Violations Theory (Chapter 7)

Theorist home page

ARTICLE: Expectancy violations and interpersonal attractiveness

Infographic on the theory

VIDEO: Interview with Burgoon

VIDEO: Expectations and personal space

Interpersonal Communication: Relationship Development

Social Penetration Theory (Chapter 8)

Theorist home page (Altman)

ARTICLE: Social penetration and online dating

VIDEO: Intro to social exchange theory

VIDEO: Social exchange and The Big Bang Theory

Uncertainty Reduction Theory (Chapter 9)

Theorist home page

ARTICLE: Uncertainty reduction online

ARTICLE: Comparing uncertainty reduction and predicted outcome value theories

Infographic on the relational turbulence model

VIDEO: Interview with Berger

VIDEO: Lecture by Berger on responses to threatening news

Social Information Processing Theory (Chapter 10)

Theorist home page

VIDEO: Interview with Walther on online dating

VIDEO: Social information processing theory song

Infographic on social information processing theory

ARTICLE: Foundational report on hyperpersonal communication

Interpersonal Communication: Relationship Maintenance

Relational Dialectics (Chapter 11)

Theorist home page (Baxter)

ARTICLE: Relational dialectics and the death of a child

VIDEO: Example of relational dialectics on Friends

VIDEO: Song about relational dialectics

Communication Privacy Management Theory (Chapter 12)

Theorist home page

ARTICLE: Privacy online

Infographic on the theory

VIDEO: Interview with Petronio

Communication Privacy Management Center

Housed at IUPUI, this website is a storehouse of information about CPM theory and application.

The Interactional View (Chapter 13)

Theorist bio and obituary

Palo Alto Mental Research Institute website

ARTICLE: Double binds and schizophrenia

AUDIO: Don Jackson on marriage relationships

AUDIO: Discussion of the Don Jackson Archive at University of Louisiana-Monroe

Interpersonal Communication: Influence

Social Judgment Theory (Chapter 14)

Theorist bio and obituary

ARTICLE: Social judgment and messages about drinking

VIDEO: Explanation and example of the theory

Elaboration Likelihood Model (Chapter 15)

Theorist home page (Cacioppo)

Theorist home page (Petty)

ARTICLE: Elaboration on entertainment in education

VIDEO: Introduction to the theory

Cognitive Dissonance Theory (Chapter 16)

Theorist bio and obituary

ARTICLE: Selective exposure and political information

VIDEO: $1/$20 experiment

Group and Public Communication: Group Communication

Functional Perspective on Group Decision Making (Chapter 17)

Theorist home page (Hirokawa)

Theorist home page (Gouran)

ARTICLE: Meta-analysis of research on the theory

VIDEO: Groupthink

From Khan Academy

Symbolic Convergence Theory (Chapter 18)

Theorist home page

ARTICLE: Fantasy and rhetorical vision

VIDEO: Explanation and example of the theory

Group and Public Communication: Organizational Communication

Cultural Approach to Organizations (Chapter 19)

Theorist home page (Pacanowsky)

Theorist bio and obituary (Geertz)

VIDEO: Interview with Clifford Geertz, part one

VIDEO: Interview with Clifford Geertz, part two

VIDEO: Corporate story of Google

Communicative Constitution of Organizations (Chapter 20)

Theorist home page

ARTICLE: Communicative constitution of clandestine organizations

VIDEO: What is organizational communication?

Critical Theory of Communication in Organizations (Chapter 21)

Theorist bio

ARTICLE: Laying a foundation for a critical approach to organizations

VIDEO: Deetz summarizing his theory

VIDEO: Interview with Deetz

Group and Public Communication: Public Rhetoric

The Rhetoric (Chapter 22)

Theorist bio and encyclopedia entry

Complete English-translation text of Aristotle’s Rhetoric

VIDEO: Logos, pathos, and ethos

VIDEO: Biography of Aristotle

Dramatism (Chapter 23)

Theorist bio and obituary

Kenneth Burke Society and Journal

ARTICLE: Questions and answers about the pentad

AUDIO: Lecture on Burke and The Rhetoric of Hitler’s ‘Battle’

Narrative Paradigm (Chapter 24)

Theorist home page

ARTICLE: Extension of the theory and artificial intelligence,%20'Continuity%20and%20Change%20in%20Storytelling%20About%20Artificial%20Intelligence%20Extending%20the%20Narrative%20Paradigm'.pdf

VIDEO: Lecture on the theory

VIDEO: Narrative paradigm rap

Mass Communication: Media and Culture

Media Ecolgy (Chapter 25)

Theorist home page

ARTICLE: Overview of media ecology

VIDEO: McLuhan on the global village

VIDEO: Interview with McLuhan

VIDEO: Explanation of "the medium is the message"

Semiotics (Chapter 26)

Theorist background

ARTICLE: Semiotics and urban environments

VIDEO: Barthes on the Eiffel Tower as a sign

Cultural Studies (Chapter 27)

Theorist obituary

ARTICLE: Analysis of four decades of British politics

VIDEO: Lecture by Hall

Mass Communication: Media Effects

Uses and Gratifications (Chapter 28)

Theorist home page

ARTICLE: Uses and gratifications of social media

VIDEO: Interview with Katz

Cultivation Theory (Chapter 29)

George Gerbner Archive

ARTICLE: Cultivation theory analysis of those who do not own TVs

ARTICLE: Cultivation theory and online games

VIDEO: Gerbner on media as storytellers

VIDEO: Gerbner on mean world syndrome

Agenda-Setting Theory (Chapter 30)

Theorist home page (McCombs)

ARTICLE: Review of early agenda-setting research

VIDEO: McCombs on the 45th anniversary of the first agenda-setting study

VIDEO: McCombs on whether the media tell us what to think about

VIDEO: Shaw on his retirement

Cultural Context: Intercultural Communication

Communication Accommodation Theory (Chapter 31)

Theorist home page

ARTICLE: Communication accommodation and law enforcement

VIDEO: Interview with Giles

VIDEO: The Harry Potter cast attempting to speak with American accents

Face-Negotiation Theory (Chapter 32)

Theorist home page

ARTICLE: Empirical test of the theory

VIDEO: Explanation of individualism and collectivism

Speech Codes Theory (Chapter 33)

Theorist home page

ARTICLE: Foundational analysis of Teamsterville

Philipsen’s 2008 NCA Carroll C. Arnold lecture on communication and culture

VIDEO: Celebrating Gerry Philipsen

Cultural Context: Gender and Communication

Genderlect Styles (Chapter 34)

Theorist home page

ARTICLE: Genderlect in the workplace

VIDEO: Interview with Deborah Tannen

VIDEO: “It’s Not About the Nail” (example of report and rapport talk)

Standpoint Theory (Chapter 35)

Theorist home page (Harding)

Theorist home page (Wood)

ARTICLE: Feminist standpoint theory revisited

VIDEO: Patricia Hill Collins on race and education

AUDIO: 2012 lecture on the theory at the American Philosophical Association

Muted Group Theory (Chapter 36)

ARTICLE: Muting, co-cultural theory, and college rape

VIDEO: Mark Orbe speaks at Diversity Lock-In at Western Michigan University

VIDEO: Bechdel test for female presence in movies

Theorist home page

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