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Changes to the Website for the 7th Edition

See the additional changes made for the 8th Edition and the 9th Edition.

Launch of new site (July 2008)

To go along with the new edition of the book, the web site has been completely redesigned.

New from the ground up

  • The new look and organization of the site reflect a total reconstruction "under the hood" that utilizes some of the latest web technologies.
  • All of the features of the old site are still here, but presented in a simpler, more intuitive organization.
  • "Search-engine-safe" urls (page addresses) improve search engine indexing and provide you with urls that are more understandable.

Site Features

Main navigation tabs:

  • The Book (for general users) or Instructors tab (for logged in instructors) is the "home page," with links to the Table of Contents, changes from the 6th edition, Em's bio, and information for instructors.
  • Theory List shows those theories that are covered in the 7th edition, as well as archived chapters from previous editions of the book. The list shows the extent of coverage (full chapter, brief mention, or archive), with links to more detail in the Theory Resources section.
  • Theory Resources contains detailed information on theories:
    • Theory Overview
    • Chapter Outline
    • Application Logs
    • Suggested Movie Clips
    • Links to other web sites
    • Primary Sources
    • Conversations with the Theorists (videos)
    • Question of the Week—new interactive feature
    • Compare Texts—comprehensive table showing theories covered in the leading comm theory texts
    • Sample Quizzes
    • Archive of theory chapters no longer in the current edition
      The following are available only to regsitered instructors:
    • Best Practices—new interactive feature
    • Principal Changes from the 6th edition
    • Suggestions for Disccusion
    • Exercises and Activities
  • Question contains the new Question of the Week, available to all users. For registered instructors this will be the Best Practices tab, though access to the Question of the Week will also be available.

Other navigation links and user options:

  • The Quick Search drop-down menu lists all major pages, including those not directly accessible on the main and footer menus
  • The footer contains additional links, with expanded options for registered instructors
  • A print page icon enables printing only the specific page content, without the surrounding navigation elements.
  • On some pages a view content option is also available. It is similar to the print page option, but does not automatically bring up a printer command when the page opens.
  • A share icon enables you to send a personalized message along with a link to the site. You can also bookmark pages or share them through FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter and other social networking sites.

Text sizing:

A Text Size option is available at the right end of the header. It adjusts the size of most text on the site up or down in size. If you have cookies enabled in your browser, the setting will retained. Changes to the Text Size carry through to the Print feature, helpful to users who need larger type.

Display width:

With the majority of computers now using wide screens and/or higher resolutions, the site is designed to open in wide screen format (1080 pixels). A Display Width option in the footer allows you to switch to a narrow (800-pixel) display.

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