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Resources available to all users:

  • Text Comparison—theories covered in A First Look and ten other textbooks
  • Theory Overview—abstract of each chapter
  • Self-Help Quizzes—for student preparation
  • Chapter Outlines
  • Key Names—important names and terms in each chapter
  • Conversation Videos—interviews with theorists
  • Application Logs—student application of theories
  • Essay Questions—for student prepatation
  • Suggested Movie Clips—tie-in movie scenese to theories
  • Links—web resources related to each chapter
  • Primary Sources—for each theory with full chapter coverage
  • Further Resources—bibliographic and other suggestions
  • Changes—for each theory, since the previous edition
  • Theory Archive—PDF copies from the last edition in which a theory appeared

Resources available only to registered instructors who are logged in:

  • Discussion Suggestions
  • Exercises & Activities
  • PowerPoint® presentations you can use
  • Short Answer Quizzes—suggested questions and answers

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Pop Culture Connections
11th Edition

Some of the suggested connections come from references in the Instructors Manual, others have been added to the website (only chapters with suggested connectons are shown below).

NOTE: Pop Culture Connections is new with Edition 11, replacing Suggested Movie Clips and Links from previous editions. If you change to Edition 9 or 10 you will be directed to the Movie Clips page.

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You can access the Essay Questions for a particular chapter in several ways:

  • Switch to View by Theory, then select the desired theory/chapter from the drop-down list at the top of the page. Look in the list of available resources.
  • To quickly find a theory by chapter number, use the Table of Contents and link from there. It will take you directly to the theory with available options highlighted.
  • You can also use the Theory List, which will take you directly to the theory with available options highlighted.

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Theory Resources by Type
11th Edition

This view let's you explore all of the available resources for chapters in A First Look at Communication Theory. In some cases, you will see everything available, in others you will see a sample and then you can go to Resources by Theory for specific resources.

<< Select a resource type from the choices at the left
      OR switch to View by Theory to see the options for a specific theory

Instructors who are logged in will see several additional resources.
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Some content is updated between editions (most typical are Application Logs, Movie Clips, Links, and Further Resources). If you notice any errors or have suggestions, please use the Contact Us form.


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